I love my Zenbook

A campaign for the ASUS Zenbook UX305 highlighting it’s three key selling points. The campaign was seen in all the nordic capitals through outdoor out-of-home advertising as well as having a big digital prescence through online ads and social media. It also had a retail prescence in stores like Expert, Mediamarkt, Alina and Verkkokaupa.

It syncs perfectly with all my services. 
The first key selling point that we were asked to visualize was cloud compatibility. I started by looking at photos of clouds and went shopping for some cloud like materials. After finding some fluffy material at a hobby store I started shooting. My colleague Jacob and I then started working on the graphics and created motion graphics for the slogan.
It connects easily with all my devices.
The second key selling point was the computers many physical ports. We quickly came up with the idea to show all the possible cables plugged in. However we soon found that in order to make the image more visually appealing we needed to color the cables green. We went out and bought some spray paint and started shooting the day after.
Because it’s silent.
The final selling point was the computers silence. Jacob and I immediately thought of a library. However since we already had a clear visual identity created with the wood boxes and color blocks we decided to illustrate a library with it’s most important ingredient; books.